iPhone 7+ Glass Only Replacement

iPhone 7+ Glass Only Replacement

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The iPhone 7 Plus

Would you like a cheaper way to repair your iPhone 7 Plus while still keeping your Genuine Quality? Here at DeviceMedics we offer you a way to change just the glass on your LCD.We boast to be one of the only companies in the UK that have the knowledge or the specialised equipment to provide such service.

How Do I Know If My iPhone 7 Plus is Available For A Glass Only Repair Service?

The glass only repair service that we offer can only be completed if the internal LCD is not damaged and the touch screen carries NO Defects.

Please Note that all Devices are rigorously tested for defects before our technicians enter beyond any warranty Seal. (Any Device found to have a defect on either the LCD or touch panel would therefore be returned to the owner along with a refund minus any return shipping cost.

Do Glass Only Repair Services Come With A Risk?

Glass only repair services do indeed come with the risk of breaking the Internal LCD however we are so confident and experienced in the work that we do we are happy to take that risk for you! If your internal LCD was to be damaged suring the glass removal or lamination process then we would take full liability for this and replace the complete LCD at no added cost.